If you’re looking for a quick intro to see the pros and cons of using a monolithic architecture and a microservice architecture, then you’ve come to the right place. :)

Let’s first have a look on how a monolithic architecture looks like and what are the benefits and challenges we have with this architecture.

A sample monolithic architecture would look something like —

Benefits of Monolithic Architecture

In this blog I’ve explained how to:

Let’s look them one-by-one.

Create a Docker Image: In order to create a docker image first you should have Docker installed onto your system. You can follow this link for the same.

Once you’ve docker installed you just need to follow some simple steps to create a docker image.


2. Place this docker file in your project and let’s run a command to build the…

……in continuation of my last post.

To view my last post visit : https://harsh-sriv17.medium.com/different-architectures-to-create-an-e-commerce-website-with-aws-and-wordpress-718d2e0710df

Let us look at some advance architecture design for a 3-tier application.

In the existing two tier application we now want our users to be able to add/retrieve data.

Question? Why do we need something at tier-3 if we can use cookies at the web browser level or enable stickiness at the ELB?

Answer: Yes, we can enable stickiness or use cookies but that might cause some issues.

Creating a website now-a-days is a piece of cake. I’ve seen people struggle a lot with hosting and designing a website and that is why I thought of writing a small gist of what to do in order to create an E-Commerce website.


1. A domain name (www.example.com) : You can get this from some famous domain name registrar organizations like GoDaddy, Google Domains, Route 53 (AWS), etc.

2. Basic understanding of AWS services like EC2, Route53, ELB, etc

3. Basic understanding of WordPress.

Architectural Diagram -1

Harshit Srivastava

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